The Roadmap to Accessing SDA Funding

We're here to provide advice on accessing SDA (Specialist Disability Accommodation) funding to help you achieve your housing goal sooner.

The chart above shows a simplified Roadmap to SDA. In reality, the road to accessing SDA (Specialist Disability Accommodation) can be a complex journey with many detours. The journey is different for each individual. The team at The Disability Housing Centre are here to be your guide, providing a Roadmap which helps you navigate YOUR journey as smoothly as possible.

Step 1:

Long term housing MUST be a goal in the participant's plan. If not, you will need to lodge a Change of Circumstances with the NDIA


Step 2:

NDIA will fund the exploration of housing options, consisting of:

20 hours of support coordination to find Allied Health professionals to undertake the housing assessments; and

55 hours of support coordination to develop the housing plan

Step 3:

The Support Coordinator assists the participant to explore their housing options. They will arrange the assessments to determine the likelihood of SDA eligibility and compile a housing plan to submit to the NDIA. 

Step 4:

The Occupational Therapist will complete the functional assessments required for the SDA report.

Tip: Find an OT who knows how to do SDA assessments.  This can make all the difference to whether SDA funding is approved in the plan.

Note: An OT SDA assessment takes about 30-40 hours to complete. 

Step 5:

The Support Coordinator collates the reports. The Support Coordinator and the participant’s nominee then approve the Roster of Care to submit with the housing plan to the NDIA. 


Step 6:

Once approved, the funding will appear as Capital Supports and will state the amount of SDA funding, as well as:

  • The SDA design category (HPS, robust, IL, FA)
  • The building type; and
  • The location

Step 7:

Happy with outcome -> Find the property you like and submit an EOI. The SDA funding will stay in the plan as a comment until the participant moves into a property.

Unhappy with outcome -> (i.e. SDA type, category or location) The Support Coordinator can request a review of the decision. 


Step 8:

The participant becomes a tenant:

  • Selects an SDA property
  • Signs a tenancy agreement with the SDA provider
  • Approves the Roster of Care and service agreements with their support providers
  • Pays the rent [to the SDA provider]. Usually this is 25% of DSP plus rent assistancePays for their own everyday living expenses, such as groceries, electricity, hot water, internet, etc.

Accessing SDA Webinar

For further information on navigating the SDA process, watch our WEBINAR, presented in partnership with Thrive365. Our Accommodation Manager Angie Creed outlines the roadmap to securing SDA Funding and accessing NDIS Disability housing.

We recommend you ask your Support Coordinator to call us, so we can make sure they’re on track to accessing SDA funding for you. Angie Creed, our NDIS SDA Accommodation Manager, will be on hand to answer any questions.

If you need help getting started, contact us:

(07) 3899 3873
12 The Corso, Seven Hills, QLD 4170