Disability housing design with the tenant in mind.


We go beyond the SDA (Specialist Disability Accommodation) standard to deliver person-centred disability housing design that meets the specific needs of individuals. Every person has their own unique life experience. It's essential to centre the voices of people with disabilities, to ensure their unique needs are met.

We asked tenants what they really want from their SDA housing. Outside of the standard SDA (Specialist Disability Accommodation) provisions, the overwhelming response was "reduced living costs", followed by "more opportunities for connection". In response, we're building more houses to meet these needs.

To reduce cost of living for tenants, selected SDA Smart Homes include:

  • Solar power
  • Free internet
  • Reduced RRC

In addition to reduced living costs, participants value connection with family, community, and services. We're now building more SDA in established and well serviced areas.

To increase independence and social connection, select SDA Smart Homes include:

  • Access to a private patio from each bedroom. Natasha tells us her private patio is a lovely place to sit and chat when family and friends visit. It also serves as a quiet place to enjoy her own company in the fresh air.
  • Close proximity to public transport. Jake was excited to move into an SDA house, only a short distance from the train station. This means he can enjoy a more active social life with with regular train trips to his favourite theme park.
  • Central location close to services and community activities. Mary chose an SDA Smart Home close to the local retail / business district. She now enjoys significant savings on taxi fares for her weekly bingo session and shopping trips.
  • Tenancies open to participants with Appendix H applied to their SDA funding. An Appendix H tenancy with SDA Smart Homes has made a significant impact on the lives of the Crane family. David, an SDA funded tenant, is now able to live in an SDA house with his wife and daughter. Previously, his only option was sharing with housemates.

*Names are changed to protect tenants privacy.

If you are looking for person-centred disability housing design that delivers lower living costs and increased independence and community participation, check out our disability housing vacancies or contact us: