Appendix H Funding – Keeping Families Together

The introduction of Appendix H funding is wonderful news for SDA funded participants who wish to continue living with their (non-SDA funded) family members.

For NDIS Participants living with an extreme functional impairment, Specialist Disability Accommodation provides a more independent and accessible living environment compared to mainstream housing.

Previously, SDA funded participants had the option to live alone in a single bedroom dwelling or live in a shared home with other SDA funded participants. This meant they couldn’t live with their non-NDIS family or loved ones, which contradicted the NDIS aim of promoting choice and control.

Fortunately, this situation has been rectified through legislative change and recently, the new “APPENDIX H” funding which was released in the 2023-24 NDIS SDA Pricing Arrangements. Eligible SDA participants now have the opportunity to live with their non-NDIS family members or loved ones in their selected property. This change has been met with widespread relief and excitement, not only from those seeking SDA funding but also from advocates dedicated to improving the lives of individuals with disabilities.

While this change may not impact all SDA participants directly, its significance lies in the newfound ability for individuals with disabilities to exercise the same rights as all other Australians—the right to choose their living arrangements. This means people with extreme functional impairment no longer face the difficult decision between moving into an SDA home for greater independence or being separated from their family.

The DHC have a number of new homes in our pipeline which are suitable for participants with Appendix H funding. To discuss what’s available, contact Ashleigh to discuss your housing needs.
Ashleigh Smith – NDIS Accommodation Manager – M: 0409 528 739

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